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Rehabilitation of upper and lower extremity after: surgery, dislocations, tendons and ligaments injuries
Treatment of disk hernia
Treatment of osteochondrosis
Scoliosis treatment
BTL- 21 Apparatus for microwave therapy
Low back pain treatment with Backlife
INTELECT ADVANCED COLOR – modern physiotherapeutic apparatus.
Ankylosing spondyloarthritis
Ultrasound therapy
Quantum therapy
Vibratory extension
Microwave therapy
Physical exercises
Ultrasonic investigation
Joint exercises


  • if you have back pain;
  • if you have radiculitis (nerve root
  • if your child has scoliosis or its
       initial syndrome;
  • if you have freaquent headache;
  • if you had spine operation;
  • if you have intervertebral disc
  • if you had spine operation.

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Ukraine, Khmelnitsky, Kamyanetska Street, 63 +38 (0382) 65-80-21, +38 (067) 382-99-87

Treatment of osteochondrosis

According to statistics osteochondrosis is the most common degenerative spine disease. More than 70% of world population suffers osteochondrosis. Osteochondrosis is disease of elderly people and also of overweight people. Main symptoms are back pain and restricted movements in it.

What is the treatment of osteochondrosis?

How to prevent iosteochondrosis?

What are the symptoms and influences of osteochondrosis?

What makes to develop osteochondrosis?

Long-term experience of successful treatment of osteochondrosis in our Clinic let us give answers these and many other questions. Complex of treatment of osteochondrosis includes modern scientific systems, apparatus and their combination, massages, acupuncture, physical exercises, yoga.

Treatment-and-prophylactic complex designed by our doctors is aimed to help people with osteochondrosis 1 and 2 stages of all parts of spine column. There are also treatment for complications of osteochondrosis : disk herniation with bright neurological signs, vertebral cranialgia, cervical pain, vegeto-vascular dystonia syndrome, circulatory brain inefficiency in vertebral basilar basin, discogenic complications of osteochondrosis like neck and (or) lumbar plexuses injury; cervical, thoracic and lumbar nerveroot ischemia or compression. There are also treatments of impacted by osteochondrosis internals. We can also propose rehabilitation after spine surgery.

BTL-21 Apparatus for microwave therapy has maximum affectivity and convenience in application.

INTELECT Advanced Color – modern physiotherapeutic system has maximum affectivity and convenience in application.

Laser therapy has anti-inflammatory and analgetic effect.

Microwave resonance therapy has individual scheme.

Vibratory extension of the spine.

Acupuncture with “czuy-therapy” for patients with vegetative dysfunction.

Impact on biologically active points has vasodilating, analgetic, sedative effects.

Medisana – para vertebral acupressure relaxes muscles and prevents vegetative dysfunction.

Vibration massage (ebonite), vacuum massage - relive tension of muscles, increases internals blood supply, and has light spasmolytic effect.

Vibration massage of the legs – finishes curing process of low back pain. This procedure increases local blood supply, relieves swelling and heavy filling in the legs.

The last part of treatment of osteohondrosis is individual complex of physical exercises with yoga, calenetics and pilates elements. The program depends on cured part of spine (cervix, thorax and lumbar) and has measured loading on each part. After treatment has been finished, further plan of preventive treatment of osteochondrosis discuses. Dispensary observation is compulsory to estimate quality of treatment and to correct further rehabilitation.




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